The Witch-Hunt of AKP Cannot Break the Spirit of the June Resistance

26 Haziran, 2013

The police attack of Justice and Development Party government (JDP/AKP) against the Taksim and Kizilay insurgents continued today with police operations.

In the early morning, many socialists are taken into custody in Istanbul and Ankara. In Istanbul, the focus of the operations was the Socialist Party of the Suppressed (SPS), while in Ankara members of SPS, Odak, Kaldirac, BDSP, The Struggle Union and People’s Houses were taken into custody too.

Alongside numerous home invasions by the police, the offices of Etkin News Agency (Etha), Atılım Newspaper and SGD were also busted by the police. It is mentioned that the Etha had to stop its broadcast. According to Etha, a total of 56 in Istanbul and 25 in Ankara are taken into custody.

Republic President Abdullah Gül, when he met with Metin Feyzioğlu, the secretary of the Union of Turkey Bar Associations while the resistence continued, affirmed that he does not expect any witch-hunt after the demonstrations stopped. But it can clearly be seen that JDP is so impatient that scores are taken into custody by the police just two days after the tents of Gezi are removed.

The minister of internal affairs, Muammer Güler, talking about the operations in Istanbul, claimed that they are targeting the “illegal organisations” on which they inquired for a year. The targeting of socialists in two weeks, last week being to SDP and this week to SPS shows that the much mentioned “marginals” during the protests are declared scapegoats by JDP.

As the Movement for Permanent Revolution (MPR), we condemn the police operations of JDP towards insurgents. We very well know the JDP government through tens of unlawful police operations, arbitrary trials and arrests. We are aware that these operations towards the June Resistance are their typical method. But JDP takes for granted that the people were standing against these very mery methods.

Now the spirit of the June Resistance roams over you. You cannot break the spirit of the June Resistance through such tyranny. If you thought that your sleepless nights have ended, you’re mistaken. Those days will come again. The story is just beginning.

As The Movement for Permanent Revolution, we declare that our friends who are to be sent to justice palaces that are the symbols of injustice should be released, and we declare our solidarity with all our friends under custody.

(Original text: 18 June, 2013 –

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