Hundreds Thousands of People Go to Streets In Brazil

23 Haziran, 2013

This Tuesday, demonstrations in Brazil were ones of the biggest demonstrations in history. Maybe the biggest since the movement for the rights in 1984. 

This Tuesday, June 17th, hundreds thousands of people will go to streets. In Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, 150 and 80 thousand people will demonstrate in each city. There will be demonstrations also in Brasilia, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Fortaleza and in many other minor cities. Asking for fares reduction in the beginning, demonstration evolved to mass mobilizations, going further than the claim of the fare.

The actions made clear what is this about: banks and police were attacked, governmental institutions were attempted to take under control, as Legislative Assembly (Rio de Janeiro) and Palacio dos Bandeirantes (Sao Paulo), showing that demonstrations are against the government, especially the right-wing government, as the protest in Sao Paulo (where the right wing -PSDB- rules since 20 years ago and where population is under big repression) were the most intense.

These huge demonstrations in the country show clearly a crisis in the whole political regime . It’s not the crisis of a party or a representative way, as the right-wing want to present, but of the regime itself. The right continues ruling the country, with PT as a “false wall” and lots of repression. PT is not an alternative to the right but a complement to it.

These demonstrations are not a flash of lighting in the blue sky. There are being prepared from a long time ago. The raise on the bus fares was the spark that pushed people into the streets to demonstrate against repression, dictatorship and lack of freedom. Different movements are developing demonstrations since long time ago. The peasants without land, that died as flies in the countryside; the construction workers, who work as slaves without right to strike; are some examples of this, among others. The inflation and discontent clashed with repression, with which PT has actively collaborated. This created an explosive situation that was being prepared from long time ago. The discontent finally found a way to express what was being yesterday tolerated.

These demonstrations are similar to those when dictatorship was demolished, but now dictatorship is hidden, not openly as it was with the military government. On Thursday, it was clear that people wanted to defend the right to demonstrate, that’s why the rally was so big. However, this discontent is just the tip of the iceberg. The demonstrations are opening the way to the working class get into the situation, a movement that would even be much bigger than this.

Translated by Lionel Zivals, Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (Argentina),y.html

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