Stop imperialist invasion to Yemen!

Saudi Tyrants, Keep Your Hands Off Yemen! Out Turkey of Arab Coalition!

Since March 23, the Arab Coalition and the United States of America are developing an imperialist aggression to Yemen. While Obama is protecting the murderous police in USA against Black Lives Matter movement, he intervenes in Middle East killing the people in defense of the imperialist interest. The coalition which is consisted of ten countries with the leadership of Saudi Arabia; is going on bombing this country. Until now; more than 2 thousand civilian died and tens of thousands got hurt in these attacks. Hundreds of thousands Yemeni became refugee in their own country. Millions of Yemeni is deprived from staple food, clean drinking water and health services. The infrastructure of poor Yemen is being devastated by Saudi warplanes; airports, bridges, units of production are being targeted. The future of Yemen people is being stolen.

The feebleminded kings of Saudi Arabia which have destroyed Yemen; expected to put anyone or any group they wanted into power. On one hand they were thinking that they were able to do this, on the other hand they were continuing to destroy the country. However, things have didn’t go as planned. While they couldn’t get any result after months of war, it has spread into Saudi borders. On one side, Saudies continuing the airstrike to Yemen; on the other side, the subordinate units to Yemen are passing the Saudi borders and killing their enemies. Yemeni people have been warriors for centuries and now Saudies are in trouble in Yemen.
Saudi Arabia has been the biggest comprador of imperialism since the day it has established. Today, Saudies are the biggest ally of Israel and USA in the region. They ensanguined the Muslim region, with the huge amounts of petrodollars they are given with the guidance of imperialism. They have got involved lots of dirty works of USA personally. The collaboration of USA and Saudies; will manifest itself as logistic and intelligence assistances, the fuel delivery of Saudi warplanes by USA tanker aircrafts (in this way, warplanes won’t need to land and take off from Saudi lands and bombardment will continue day and night). That’s why; the victory of the resistance in Yemen will mean the defeat of imperialism.
As part of the revolutionary struggle in Turkey and Middle East, we demand to Erdogan and Turkish government to abandon the Arab Coalition immediately. Fighting against the aggressor in our countries, we do collaborate with the Yemen resistance.
To vanquish the ruling class in this war, also very important for Middle East countries. The Saudi family has already in a tight corner by the existence of displeased poor people, the oppressed Shiite minorities, and the fanatical religious opposition which they created with their own hands; and they will end up with heavy damage in this Yemen venture. Saudies are coming to end. But the only way for Middle East people to live in permanent peace and welfare is the establishment of Socialist Federation of the Middle East.
Sürekli Devrim Hareketi 
[Movement for Permanent Revolution] 
SDH – Turkey
Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria 
[Revolutionary Piquetero Tendency]
TPR – Argentina
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