Spring Has Come to Turkey!

1. Finally, “Spring” of Turkey has come. Great protests,  had not  been seen for  a long time in the country,  started in METU despite of the  though oppression, had spread to the  other universities   in December.  Those protests had told us  the good news. And now, we witness one of the most important time of Turkey. A new  political youth generation raised just like in Egypt and Tunisia. These developments are very important and give us hope. Protests are being more and more radical as they continue. Especially in three of the biggest city (Ankara, İstabul, İzmir) people risk their life in the fronts and die. Large masses had demolished the barriers of fear. In Ankara, Ethem’s ,worker and  a reader of the magazine Alınteri,  cerebral death was declared. Mustafa Ayvalıtaş was a member of Platform of Socialist Solidarity had been killed in İstanbul. They are two of the martyred  of the rebellion.

2. Profile of the protesters are very heterogeneous very normally. Nationalists have clear effect on them. On the other hand, socialists have power to determine de route of the protests especially in the two main center of the protests; Ankara and İstanbul. At this point, we have to compete with the nationalists to canalize the protests.Just like  in the spontaneous protests started by millions of protestors in  Egypt and Tunisia… In other words, the existence of the nationalists on the streets cannot be used as an argument for slandering the protests. The ones uses those arguments can only be the ones who afraid of the weakening of JDP government or the ones incorrigible sectarians.

3.Gezi Parkı was won with a massive struggle and  changed the social political perception. Masses experienced that struggle and the victory can only be possible on the streets. People had developed political self- confidence  in the protests.  One of the best example to this is the participation of the thousands of school students to the protests. Even if the protests are suddenly stops, social consciousness had already  sprang. JDP is seriously injured.  As we had said before, JDP government can only be defeated on the street. Once the masses realize this, they would effort to materialize this. And in the future, any incident can be  a reason for creating huge massive movements.

Socialist  elements should come together in order to canalization of the huge energy comes from the  masses and  realization of the  demands. Those demands should be implied;

·         An official declaration of the cancellation of any project on Gezi Parkı,

·         Judgment of the police officers caused death,

·         Resignation of Minister of Interior, Governors of İstanbul and Ankara

·         Release of the all protesters taken into custody

5.KESK (Confederation of the Unions of Public Employees) and all other labor organizations can radically change the color of the protests with the power of the working class comes from production. The coincide of the general strike of KESK and great protests is an opportunity. Unfortunately, lukewarm standing of KESK and other unions during the protests is disgrace.  As an evidence; KESK even could not find a rostrum during the protest that was a crucial necessity  for a political  intervention to the meeting area.

6.Revolutionary Marxists should participate in the movement with might and main.  We should contact the masses through leaflets and agitations. It is very important that militant subjects in the masses should be gain to the Marxism purifying them from nationalism.

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