Neither Sisi Nor Ikhwan; One solution Permanent Revolution!

Muslim Brotherhod’s (MB) ongoing protests against military coup in Rabiyat’ül Adeviyye   and Nahda squares of Cairo had been exposed to intensive attacks of police and military. Because of the attacks, for the first two days Egypt state had declared the number of deaths 464, MB 2000 and Freedom and Justice Party 1000.

Recently, intervention to the squares to end the MB’s protest had come to the agenda but by means of reconciliation, it was postponed. In addition, the army had decided to delay it because of the Ramadan Feast.

The recent developments point out a critical turning point for the Egyptian Revolution. Egyptian army does its best to secure both the bourgeois capitalist system and the position of the army and proves its pertinacity through the massacres. In spite of the fact that MB had become another cruel cog of the capitalist machine, the military intervention in Egypt turned into a classical militaristic regime in a very short time.

The intensity of the attacks of Egyptian army shows its determination to end the protest. In our previous articles, we had said that Abdülfettah El Sisi might increase the level of violence because of the fear of to be account for the massacres one day. One of the point recent attacks indicates is this. Two hegemonic camps in Egypt will continue their struggle without caring the number of the deaths. The military aims breaking the resistance of MB. In order to achieve this, the roads to Cairo were blockaded, railroads were closed, batting order is given to the security forces and other militaristic precautions were taken.

However, MB’s determinacy about the continuation of the struggle and the means of struggle of the radicalized grassroots would use will determine whether the clashes turn into a civil war.

Together with the massacres, the revolutionary wave overthrew Mubarak two years ago and Morsi in July is now under the threat to be choked.   Islamist movements would not step back from labeling the masses especially in Tahrir   being pro-militaray coup and “supporting murderers” trying to annihilate the legitimacy of the Egyptian Revolution in the eye of the laborers.

On the other hand, the military intervention would open a new window for the Islamist movement which was on the skids previously. Thus, within the countries like Turkey and Egypt, worst thing for the political Islam is that having no enemy to clash or absence of a rival to fight. Today, the reasons behind the down of Morsi only in one year in the eye of the masses and erosion of the JDP government’s position after purifying its enemies in the dominant class losing its halo of ‘democracy’  in Turkey is the same.

Weak reactions of the West about massacres of the military coup shows that the West keep its silence about the oppression of the military regime for the sake stability provided in Egypt From the point of view of  the imperialist capitalist system, a militaristic regime had already suppressed any kind of mass movement and took the control of the country is much more preferable than  a weak parliamentary  power  which can be defeated by a mass movement  at any time.

Mass movement is now facing with an important problem. Of course, the revolutionary masses overthrew both Mubarek and Morsi must object to the massacres  and should be independent from those two dominant cliques fight with each other and construct a third front against them. If struggle will not be continued, military regime will not permit any movement of the opposition.

In a couple of years proved that the only solution for Egypt, for a real freedom, democracy and equal and fair world, is the program of permanent revolution. Any other liberal-parliamentarian tendencies cannot be a solution for this geography whose history has hundreds of bloody massacres.

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