ISL: No to War on Iran, USA Get out of the Middle East!

ISL: No to War on Iran, USA Get out of the Middle East!

There are new indicators showing structural crisis of capitalism is deepening and reaching extreme levels. The imperialist capitalist system, which drives humanity to the edge of the abyss, leads to the expansion and spread of imperialist wars, while dragging the world into global climate catastrophe whose terrible consequences can be seen in Australia.
In this context, ISL strongly condemns US imperialism’s actions in the Middle East that provoke war and regress the revolutionary popular movements. While the United States has eliminated Qassem Suleimani with an assassination, it forces Iran to respond and then threatens to retaliate with greater attacks. Clearly, US imperialism wants war.

We know very well what US demands will bring to the region. When the United States intervened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria for regime change, millions were killed and these countries were thrown into the bottomless pits of misery. Now, with the possible attack on Iran, not only Iran but also the whole Middle East will be thrown into the fire. Because of the war policies of US imperialism, ethno-religious enmity will rise in the Middle East and reactionary forces gain strength everywhere.
Whenever the laborers raise struggle in the Middle East, US imperialism is poisoning the process. Finally, in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, there have been revolt of the laborers that regressed exploiters, enemies of the peoples, religious authorities and ethno-religious polarization. However, the interventions of US imperialism came to the help of these parasites. Rebellions of the laborers are the only hope of all countries. The nightmare of the US imperialism is that these revolts mature politically and adopt an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist attitude. Therefore, the common goal of all imperialist interventions in the Middle East is to prevent a united class movement and organization that transcends ethnic and religious divisions.

In addition, the US aggression gives good opportunities for to the mullahs, who are got stuck by rebellions. Suleimani’s assassination and Trump’s war threats create new opportunities for “national unity” and “national defense” propaganda in Iran, and offer new opportunities for the Mullahs. In 1980, US imperialism led Saddam Hussein, who were former ally of the US at the time, to wage war on Iran that led to the consolidation of the Islamic regime in Iran. Today, the greatest support for the Mullahs comes from US imperialism once again. Overthrowing the Mullahs in Iran must be the work of working class and the youth. US imperialism must go away!

In the Middle East, the masses want jobs, want bread, and want a decent life. For this, they take to the street, fight and pay the price. However, these demands cannot exceed the high and hard walls of the imperialist capitalist system. It will not be possible to move forward without targeting the system altogether and trying to create an internationalist labor movement. Without this perspective, it is inevitable the mass movements to have a limit. What we need is a revolutionary organization. The defeat of the reactionism can only be possible through the construction of the revolutionary leadership of the working class and the youth. The only alternative is socialism. We call for all the laborers and young people in the Middle East to contact with us to fight together under the banner of the ISL.

The US, take your bloody hands off the Middle East!

Long live Socialist Middle East!

Long live the revolutionary movement of Iranian laborers!

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