Where Is The Salvation of Palestine Against Israel’s Aggression? (Emre Güntekin)

Israel’s land operation against Gaza still goes on slaugthering hundreds of Palestinians. It can easily be seen that day by day the scope of the massacre will only get bigger. There is a bloodshed in Gaza and the whole world is just watching it. Until July, 22 because of the Israeli attacks, 583 Palestinian and 29 Israeli- 27 of them was soldiers – had died. Last week four innocent children playing at the seaside killed. In the video recording on 20th of July, there was Palestinian young man in Şecaiyye who was killed by a sniper when looking for his lost family. On the 21th of July, in Dayrel Balah there was a bombing attack against the Al Aksa Hospital, which caused 5 deaths and injured 70.

Despite this open massacre, no one is helping the people of Palastine and not suprisingly there are statements from all over the world supporting Israel. All the western imperialist capitalists, especially USA, are behind the Israel’s aggression. During his visit to Egypt, USA secretary of state John Kerry showed his insolence by saying “No country can wait under missile attacks.” While speaking of Israel’s right to defend itself, they give their consent for the slaugther of the Palestinians at the same time. This is highly understandable because, since the foundation of Israel in 1948, Israel has been acting like a police force of imperialism in that region.

In the Middle East, it is possible to realize the traces of the contradictions in the imperialist capitalist system by the stance against Israel’s attacks. The most important topic that concerns us in this turmoil is the Turkey’s attitude. With the influence of the president elections, Erdoğan is not leaving rostrums and he is criticising Israel on every occasion continuing his Islamic toned heroic orations that he used for 12 years over Palestine. However, at the same time every kind of economic and military relationship with Israel is kept untouched, there is a loyal collaboration behind these heroic orations. Finally, it turned up that the 30 percent of the oil that Israel uses is provided by the Fettah Tamince- a businessman close to Erdoğan.

These policies should be questioned as the some kind of support of Israel’s attacks.

In recent years, Hamas has gone into an politic and economic crisis and has been affected by the disturbances in the Middle East. Hamas tried to rely on the new Islamic wave rised after the Arab spring by collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood-Turkey-Qatar partnership. However, after the collapse of this structure Hamas was left under the wreckage. First, he lost one his closest allies after the military coup that ended the rule of Muslim Brotherhood. Then the loss of reputation of Turkey because of his inconsistent policies in the Middle East was the second biggest blow. Lastly, Hamas lost a significant support when it left the axis of Iran-Syria-Lebanon Hezbollah. In short, it served as a model for how a national movement would come to an end if it is not able to cut its ties with the imperialist capitalist system.

After that crisis, Hamas searched for a solution by compromising and forming a joint government with Fatah in Gaza. However, the Israeli siege that doesn’t give Gaza a chance to live is trying the patience of the Palestinians. The struggle against the siege has turned in to a challenge for existence. Until today, the real power of the Islamic figures like Hamas was based on the fact that that they could constitue a concrete alternative for this struggle of existence. The same struggle that the revolutionist, leftist elements continued in the past, was left in to the hands of Islamic figures like Hamas, Hizbullah due to the long termed Islamic metamorphosis in the Middle East. But as it is seen that, the salvation of Palestinians got in a bind through the Islamic organizations.

Furthermore, we should notice the rising discontent of Palestinians for both Fatah and Hamas. The main reason for this is that there have been not a single change in the situtaion of Palestine despite all the promises. Under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah couldn’t take a single step since Oslo Accords in 1993, in spite of all the concessions. Gradually in 20 years, Fatah has turned into a toy of imperialism at the region. The end of a movement which approves the existence of Israel and gives its consent for the invasion of the Palestinian territories, is clear. It’s not a secret that not only Fatah but also other resistance movements are now controlled by dominant powers of the Middle East. The negotiation with Israel is not the only problem. Countless cases of corruption related with Fatah has come up until today. These corruptions played a significant role for Hamas to gain strength.

Besides, the struggle of Fatah wasn’t basically against Israel, but for reinforcing hegomony over other movements. Last April Hamas took a step back and an administration was set up without Hamas. But what next? The siege got tight and the hopes for a diplomatic solution was aborted. Even Palestinians are struggling to survive under the conditions of poverty and famine, some time later, they can blame and target the national movement.

Today, people of Palastine struggles for existence under the bloody operations of Israel. If the scope of this aggression gets bigger, it will harm them irreperably in the future. These attacks are not the first ones. In the last five years there has been two more.

Against all that massacre, what Palestinians face is a big loneliness under the existence of nationals movements which turned to the puppet of the regional and imperialist powers, and hypocrital Middle East countries.

As all the oppressed nations of the Middle East, the real salvation of the Palestinians can be realized only through a wave of permanent revolution of all this region that can stop imperialism and zionism at Middle East.

Translation:Anıl Ersoy

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