SEP:'This Account is Ours!'

SEP:'This Account is Ours!'

One more time, nastiness is sprinkled !

While the Rıza Sarraf case which reveals bribery and corruption of ministers of AKP is continuing, the ‘Isle of Man Documents” that shows an immense amount of money of Erdogan Family transfered abroad are now known by public. It has not been more than a few months since ”Paradise Island Documents” came up regarding Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım’s son is making tax evasion.

The elephant in the room, again.

The sovereigns lay the burden on workers and the poor with taxes and vats, however they guarantee their wealth by smuggle money to abroad.

Turkey has been already one of those tax heaven. 20% of GDP is held in off-shore accounts in abroad.Turkey is the number 3 in the world in terms of the proportion of the off-shore wealth to its GDP that the resources obtained by sucking the blood of the poor laborer are without question, without taxation!

And yet it’s not just about tax evasion. Many politicians around the world keep their corruption away from public eyes by transferring their wealth abroad, getting rid of the risk of accountability.

In other words, the most favorite method of those who want to hide their wealth rapidly with the blessings of power is to hide money by transferring their money abroad. And AKP rulership rush towards record in this dealings.

They make fun of us by saying ”ordinary” to 2.5-billion-dollar wealth of Erdogan’s father in law who is a retired teacher. 

The government has already started to falsify the documents that show their true face! If it is not enough, they start accusing the others. Documents shows the foreign wealth of power are announced as “national security” issue. If that is not enough, they will charge the ones raise the voice with being USA colloborators.

Those who boast that they have caught the frequency with Trump as they see a green light from the US a few days ago, now became enemy with USA when their nastiness revealed and announce every opponent as a pawn of imperialists.

If you do not want to get involved with the imperialists, and you do not want to be taken to the side when your time is up, it is your problem!

We are not going to rely on neither Sarraf case nor collapsing relations with USA. We do not have no one to trust but ourselves!

We know very well that when it comes to imperialists, today in a disagreement with AKP, does a one eighty when it comes to work tomorrow.

Nobody should expect anything from imperialists; this fight, this account is ours!

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