SEP Central Committee Statement on Idlib War: End to the Game of War in Syria!

SEP Central Committee Statement on Idlib War: End to the Game of War in Syria!

The “democratic countries” such as big Western imperialist forces and the Gulf  countries from Qatar to Saudi Arabia have long ceased to bring “democracy” to Syria. So they also stopped supporting jihadist gangs in Idlib as they are totally hopeless case. Only the AKP did not give up its imperialist goals.

The AKP government, which has been doing its best for the prolongation of the civil war in Syria, continues to play with fire to prevent the last curtain to fall in Idlib. So much so that TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) sent its soldiers as human shield to protect the jihadist groups, which are dominated by Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham (he Syrian arm of Al Qaeda- HTS), it has been supporting in Idlib. Today, as the casualties are increasing day by day, the bourgeois politicians are trying to use this bloody situation to have a political gains. These social parasites rolled up their sleeves to agitate a total war in Syria and to receive support for this adventure.

Erdogan and the AKP regime have been declaring their empty dreams and imperialist goals in Idlib. But now, they have found themselves in a great predicament as it is the time to do what is necessary after so much bullying, but Russia’s military presence in Idlib is a big deterrent.

On one hand, watching the Syrian Army’s advances is disgrace for AKP. On the other hand, facing a total war is a great risk. If they cannot carry through this militarist adventure in Idlib, there is the risk of collapse of the rotten AKP regime in Turkey.

The possibility of the AKP  to fall on its own sword  should not be underestimated.

While the AKP is struggling in war games, the poor and the workers will be the ones who will suffer as always. Many lives will fall apart for the AKP’s neo-Ottomanist shows. Laborers must be careful no to allow them to cover the real problems with the war games such as the poverty, unemployment and suicides. For this, we have to reject the war in Syria and get organized to defeat these exploiters.

As the Socialist Workers Party, we declare:

?Sovereignty rights of ‘Syria’ should be recognized immediately, and TSK troops should withdraw from the Syrian territory.

? Any support given to the jihadist gangs should be stopped, and the every step should be taken to get rid of the civil war as soon as possible.

?Sub-imperialist games in the Middle East and policies that provoke conflicts in those countries should be ended immediately.

?Syrian refugee workers should not be allowed to be exploited by bosses in inhuman conditions.

?The growing tragedy of the Syrian refugees is mainly related to the continuation of the war. The responsible for this is AKP. If AKP ends its support to the jihadists, the civil war will come to an end quickly that will give opportunity to go back to their homeland for the Syrian refugees who are willing to do so.



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