SEP Central Commitee: Statement on Snap Elections

SEP Central Commitee: Statement on Snap Elections

When realized that the economy will hit the wall, AKP decided to hold a snap election. Despite Erdogan’s plan to catch the opposition parties napping, they rebounded. However, those who caught up the hop were the socialists.   As a result, when the country is preparing to hold an election, millions of laborer setting sight on political alternatives there is no socialist candidate who on the side of the historical interests of the working class. This is a loss! Presidential election is an opportunity to a revolutionary program would reach the laborers.

Socialists had to use this opportunity and show the difference. What we had to do was organizing an election campaign of a common candidate of the socialists.

What is true was already visible that some socialist organizations (those are not in HDP) had met and started discussions about a common candidate and building a campaign moths before the election was declared.  We, SEP (Socialist Laborers Party) , ÖDP, TİP, Halkevleri TKH and some other socialist organisations and parties participated the meetings but  the meetings were inconclusive: adjournment,, negligence, turfism, and old illnesses paralyzed the  process. Although SEP insisted on a campaign front and a common candidate, we could not achieve to force the main actors to take an action.  When we face with the raid election, the excuse was already there: “there is no time”. After Demirtaş declared his candidacy, discussions stopped. However, discussions should not end and whoever is responsible must be revealed. It is very clear that these awkward and unproductive socialist organisations are tap out!

We suggested Ovacık’s successful popular socialist Major Fatih Maçoğlu as candidate. Ahmet Şık or some other person suggested by the others could be a candidate. What is important is the program, campaign and propaganda! We already started to prepare for the process. If socialists had achieved to set the ground, the only actor who had already prepared for the elections would be the socialists.

What is done is done. Under this circumstances, SEP calls critical and strategical vote for HDP. HDP should pass the election threshold in order to weaken AKP dictatorship.  As a consistent defender of democratic rights, Demirtaş deserves support.  On the other hand, laborers make it clear that construction of an independent socialist alternative is a necessity.

We should object to oppression over HDP and be in solidarity with Kurdish people. However, socialists must not be under political hegemony of HDP. HDP is a party in identity polarization as their political priority is the Kurdish question. Their agenda is not working class centered. Moreover, their ideological tendency is radical democracy that is nothing more than liberalism and world’s imperialist status quo. However, socialist radicalism based on working class political agenda is the only way to get rid of polarization in the society, gain support of the masses and give hope for another country and another world.

One point must be clear: working class radicalization is the only way to out for left and to get rid of AKP dictatorship. Political divergence and polarizations on the base of identities should turn into divergence on class based. Political perspective should build on class antagonism. For this, a socialist force should raise. SEP is the only alternative for this. We call laborers and the youth to build up our party and make working class strong.

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