NO Volunteers: Who are we and what do we want?

NO Volunteers: Who are we and what do we want?


Turkey is undergoing a difficult phase. The constitutional amendment package with 18 amendment article which has the approval of the Parliament is going to be put to a public referendum. The amendments implies a change of which true face is hidden under the name of “Presidency”. The legislative, executive and judiciary bodies will be de facto left to the hands of one man. The atmosphere of the country is already fragile and the new system will make it even worse.

The proposed constitution foresees the empowering of one-man with extensive authority and it is certainly a potential threat for the basic rights irrespective of the fact that who occupies that seat.  Through holding the control over the judiciary entirely, the risk of squelching the media and the freedom of speech which were already attempted to be silenced is expected to be come true.

The real reason for the economic crises which is hard on our hand is the insistency on one-man rule and the adopted policy built upon the increasing political polarization. The insistency will create further polarization, injustice and lawlessness which will be the laws of the new emerging country.

The parliamentary democracy and the right of voting will have no impact or power. That is to say, whichever party we vote for wins, the one-man will have the power to dissolve the parliament which will be a crushing blow against the people’s will.

As the volunteers of ‘NO’, we have gathered since we do not wish to be mere spectators of these course of events. We are assured that a devoted and active working against the power of the uneven propaganda and the monopoly of media could succeed. Listen to our call! Support one another and work together for a ‘NO’.

The people or organizations that would like to support our NO campaign also are welcomed by NO Volunteers with greetings. For more information you may send message to our Facebook page or our website “”.


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