Is Islamic State (IS) Treasure of AKP (Justice and Development Party)?

The rescues of the 49 Turkish hostages, as their capture, have dark spots. Therefore, it causes discussions not only in Turkey but also in the world. During the period that IS captured Mosul, are the diplomats who didn’t go the “safe area” although they were warned by Iraqi and Kurdish authorities used as baits? The rescue of hostages bring out the similar doubts: What is the source of these trust, fondness, and consideration? IS which is known by using mercilessness and pervasively violence as a strategy for an aim, how come did they release 49 hostages unrequitedly? Lots of questions waiting to be answered brought out dark relations between IS and Turkey one more time. The doubts and claims waiting to be explained established a ground. Lifting the veil of mystery of the solution of the hostage crisis and despite the improbability of the salvation of the hostages will result in a set of important consequences for the foreign politics of AKP. Erdogan and other authorities avoid insistently giving information about the rescue of the hostages. Also, the hostages keep away from giving significant information especially. While Erdogan introduce the homecoming of the hostages as an “operation” and “victory”, the news sites closed to IS published that Turkish Republic recognized IS indirectly. On the other hand, it is claimed that there was no contract with the organization, but the reactions of Erdogan like “let’s say there was an exchange” cause the increasing of doubts. At this point, it can’t be proved that both the claims of the exchange of the hostages and the claim of paying 100 million dollar ransom in the external media.


The Target is the National Salvation Breakthrough in Rojava


While all this is happening, IS launched a big strike to Kobani. While 150 thousands of people became refugees, 100 thousands of them escape to Turkey. It is announced that IS advanced near 10 km to Kobani. At first, AKP assumed the other fanatic Islamic organizations and then IS as an opportunity to destroy the national dreams of Kurdish in Rojava. Indeed, the fall of Kobani means a disaster for the story of Kurdish national salvation in Rojava. Even in the current situation which Kobani didn’t fall, the damage is quite huge. While hundred thousands of Kurdishs became a refugee, the area is almost empty.


The sectarian and Islamic character of AKP and Erdogan is known. We learned through experience that they became tyrant to indoctrinate their conservative understandings. Doesn’t IS implement the same imposition and the same sectarianism, surely with its own ways in different conditions? But the unity of principals is undeniable. We should say that it is very clear that AKP tries to use IS against Kurdish people besides the ideological relation.


The Pressure of USA Over AKP Will Increase


AKP government didn’t join the coalition that USA established against IS by justifying the hostages. Now that the hostages are rescued, AKP will have no excuse. Maybe that’s why; Şamil Tayyar commented the rescue of the hostages as a CIA operation in his twitter account. The basic demands requested from AKP are the prevention of the militant passing and the cash flow, the control of borders, the extinguishment of the source of gathering militants. It will be very hard to turn back on the demand of USA for AKP which has neo-Ottomanism fantasies and go its own way or at least pretend.


USA did its worst to bring down Esad. They supplied the groups which they called as “moderate opposition” by giving guns and training. These corrupted groups either sold the guns or by joining the radical Islamic organizations which are more active and determined in the civil war zone supplied the same radical Islamic organizations. When passing through from Islamic front to Al-Nusra, from Nusra to IS, indeed, USA, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia ex. would have supported IS. So, was it unpredictable? Of course, they were aware of the situation. But they are not honest power. The moment IS targeted Barzani who is the best ally of USA and even threatened Erbil then USA air strikes began. In conclusion, to trust USA which caused IS which is like a Frankenstein to be a trouble for Middle East people would be a huge mistake. What we need to do is to be in solidarity with Kurdish people and to struggle against the aggressive foreign politics of AKP and to expose the pro-IS position. Besides, the so- called war against IS which USA imperialism waged shouldn’t be allowed to confused people’s mind. We should remind that thanks to IS, USA reached a very high level of hegemony in the area.

 Translation: Uğurcan Çayan – Tilbe Akan

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