Can It Be Said That Hunger Strike Finished With The Triumph Of Kurdish National Movement?

7 Aralık, 2012

Yes, it can. Yet Kurdish national movement showed they could shake the regime in Turkey. Doing this, beside triggering their cadres they mobilized their broad periphery. Therefore, Turkey’s all city turned to an action area, especially Kurdish cities. It has been seen clearly once again that the massive actions and insurrections in cities were much more effective than strong guerilla attack. The huge energy Kurdish national movement revealed during hunger strike, littered AKP’s ridiculous propaganda and widespread disinformation campaigns on Kurds.

On the other hand, the ability of Kurdish national movement to shake regime is related to the rise of ethnic tension, on one level. The worst, ethnic tension can turn into ethnic conflict as shown in the street fights in Bursa. Ever time this happens, the gap between peoples is getting wider.

Apart from this, hunger strike brought the basic demands of Kurdish national movement to the agenda, legitimated and improved them. The isolation on Öcalan was actually reduced. Öcalan was adrressed by the government and how the process of negotiation looked like, was realized by the public. It is seen that the exit from the crisis was possible with the negotiation.

On the other hand, Öcalan’s authority on Kurdish national movement was registered one more time. The immediate actualization of the call of Öcalan to finish hunger strike by the whole movement showed that the solution of Kurdish problem depended on Öcalan. That is, the general orbit of Kurdish national movement is subject to the plans of Öcalan and the personal future of Öcalan is very important in these plans.

Öcalan’s interference to hunger strike came at the moment that the action reached to the most hitting stage. After that, on behalf of ruling class, the days on which they would lose the control and chaos would happen, would have started. It can be thought that Kurdish national movement does not abstain from this and even they find it desireable. After all, it has mentioned many times that the goal for 2012 was to create a Kurdish spring. Then, how should the “early” interference of Öcalan, in these respects, be read? It is not possible to know what Öcalan talked with MİT(Trukish intellligence organisation), but it is a reality that Öcalan came to forefront as a strong and wise leader in the process. If a peaceful way on Kurdish problem followed, this would be possible with Öcalan. Therefore the ruling class should accustom the public opinion on Öcalan issue. Or if they keep going with armed struggle, PKK has already gone on.

AKP and especially Tayyip Erdoğan stroke ridiculous –so to speak- attitudes during hunger strike. Erdoğan who assumes the banalities like the arguments; ‘There is no hunger strike, they eat kebab, they need diet’ as mastery, had to fulfill the demands of hunger strike in spite of his ordinary bluster. These kinds of vulgarity showed that Tayyip Erdoğan would not be disposed to the negotiation with his concern for vote.

The socialists in Turkey, generally stroke a correct political attitude during the hunger strike. BDP(legal political organisation of Kurdish national movement) and other Kurdish components were not left alone. Kurdish national movement was supported by socialist movement every where they had power. On the other hand, it was seen that the organisations close to Kemalism like TKP(Communist Party of Turkey) remained distant to even the issue like hunger strike. After all, they insist not to understand that the gains of the republic which they hold dear, mean the loss for Kurds.

Marxist revolutionaries must be clear on Kurdish problem for the politic education of working class. Theworkers who stike nationalist attitudes on Kurdish issue will never be revolunionary. That’s why the internationalist education of working class reflects a sore point. To strenghten the internationalist ranks is indispensible for preventing the turn of Kurdish problem to an ethnical conflict.

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