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Thousands of People are Resisting Against the Massacre of Mount Ida for Gold Mine!

6 Ağustos 2019 - 17:50
Thousands of people took on streets for “water watch” against the massacre in Kirazlı, Çanakkale,…

Saudis Are in Big Trouble in Yemen!-V. U. Arslan

1 Ağustos 2019 - 22:43
The war in Yemen continues with all its cruelty. After four years of starvation and bloodshed, nearly…

Where is Turkey Located in the Imperialist Hierarchy?-Güneş Gümüş

1 Ağustos 2019 - 22:04
Increasing tension between Turkey and  the United States and attitudes of socialists about the S-400…

Hong Kong Protests: A Revolt in the Celestial Empire- Derya Koca

29 Temmuz 2019 - 08:49
Since June, there have been massive protests in the city of Hong Kong that has 7.3 million population,…

Neither S-400 Nor F-35: The Budget for Laborers Not for Guns!-Emre Güntekin

15 Temmuz 2019 - 10:11
Despite the AKP government satisfied with the meeting with Trump in Osaka, the news that follow the…

On Greek Elections – Dimitris Krassas

11 Temmuz 2019 - 15:23
On the 7th of July  national elections were held in Greece. We had a shift  in government as  the…

Chernobyl: Predicting the Future, Narrating the Past-Emre Güntekin

3 Temmuz 2019 - 14:43
Chernobyl, HBO's 5-episode mini-series, opened a big debate after its final on June 4th. In turkey,…
SEP socialist laborers party

SEP Central Committee Statement on Istanbul Mayoral Election

25 Haziran 2019 - 14:16
AKP and  (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) RTE cancelled the March 31st Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality elections,…

Interview | Rawan Ibrahim “The Oppressed Cries out Louder”

21 Haziran 2019 - 15:00
Sudanese revolution was triggered by the protests against the increase in food prices by 70% and inflation…

Foundation of the ISL is A Historical Step Forward- V.U. Arslan

14 Haziran 2019 - 16:07
The decision of the unification of socialists in Barcelona Conference, which was on May 24-27, is a…

Tiananmen Massacre on 30th Anniversary – Emre Güntekin

10 Haziran 2019 - 01:12
Thirty years ago, when the Chinese student youth and working classes rebelled against the Chinese Communist…

ISL Statement on Sudanese Revolution Brutally Repressed

9 Haziran 2019 - 16:02
We condemn the massacre has been led by the army! Forward to a general strike, worker councils and a…