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Observations on Lebanon- V. U. Arslan

6 Aralık 2019 - 20:13
Laborers and the youth are taking the streets worldwide against the rotten capitalist system and its…

Iranian Laborer People’s Movement Learns and Proceeds – Ghader Anari

5 Aralık 2019 - 11:14
The rebellion of the poor  in Iran continues. The protests left  the third week behind. Despite the…

Important Issues Regarding the Rebellion in Iran – Nader Irmak

22 Kasım 2019 - 19:46
In this article, we will try to analyze the situation of the protests in Iran rather than its socio-economic…

The Rebellion Reborn From the Ashes- Ghader Anari

18 Kasım 2019 - 12:50
A rebellion started this week following a price hike in gasoline in Iran. The protests, which first…

The Petrol Price Hike Sparked Rebellion in Iran– Emre Güntekin

18 Kasım 2019 - 09:45
Iranian laborers joined the wave of insurgencies in the world. It is not surprising that Iranian laborers…

ISL Declaration on Rojava

27 Ekim 2019 - 10:39
On October 9, with the US’s implicit approval, the Erdogan regime launched a military operation in…

ISL Statement on the People´s Rebellion in Chile

22 Ekim 2019 - 20:06
1. Chile is experiencing a massive rebellion since the Piñera government implemented an increase in…

ISL Declaration on the Catalan People’s Revolt

22 Ekim 2019 - 12:39
1- On Monday, October 14, the Supreme Court of Spain announced the decision of the Show Trial of the…

Kurds and Freedom – V. U. Arslan

21 Ekim 2019 - 07:27
The names of the cross-border operations to Syria are “Olive Branch” to “Peace Spring”… Names…

On the Joker – Emre Güntekin

20 Ekim 2019 - 10:12
Joker, which had caused many controversies as early as in its filming process, was released recently.…

The Nakba of the Kurds Will Not Be The Feast of Laborers- Güneş Gümüş

13 Ekim 2019 - 18:08
  The Palestinians calls the founding of Israel on May 15, 1948, as the “al-Nakba” means "the…
Turkish army tanks take up position on the Turkish-Syrian border near the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province October 6, 2014. Outgunned Kurdish fighters vowed on Monday not to abandon their increasingly desperate efforts to defend the Syrian border town of Kobani from Islamic State militants pressing in from three sides and pounding them with heavy artillery. Despite the heavy fighting, which has seen mortars rain down on residential areas in Kobani and stray fire hit Turkish territory, a Reuters reporter saw around 30 people cross over from Turkey, apparently to help with defence of the town. REUTERS/Umit Bektas (TURKEY - Tags: TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY MILITARY CONFLICT POLITICS) - RTR493EW

Turkey’s New Operation to Syria: What to do?

8 Ekim 2019 - 14:13
 “Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria…” The…