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Spring Has Come to Turkey – 2

on 15 Haziran 2013 - 22:59 Kategori: English
1. The occurrences of the recent days have proved that the social movement has strong sources and will not yield easily. A new generation is doing demonstrations almost in all country and despite the strong pressures of the government, they did not leave the squares. Though Erdoğan’s departure from Turkey and Arınç’s takeover as his deputy caused JDP (Justice and Development Party) to enact its appeasement tactics , this will only result in  confidence for the mass movement and will give way for demonstrations. In this respect, it is important that the mass movement succeeds in causing JDP inefficient to rule. There must not be a single confusion in the left about overthrowing the JDP government. JDP is the hardest stick of the capitalism, this is to be known. The break of this stick would not only mean a great recovery for Turkish labourers, but for all the labourers of the Middle East as well.

2. On the other hand, the biggest handicap of the mass movement is its disorganisation and disarray. The first sign of this is that the demands cannot be put forth in a more clear way. This situation creates a serious gap in terms of gathering energy and providing concentration. Due to this, it is very important that socialist organisations take steps to shape these demands. First of the demands should be the punishment of the government officials that commit crime against people, murdering them in the streets, and using tear gas sprays direct to their eyes. Besides these, it is necessary that the capitalistic spoilation of the urban spaces and nature, and  the organisations should demand the resign of the internal affairs minister and JDP’s governors in the provinces.

3. It is quite likely that the radicalised masses by the intervention of the socialists can join with the leftist policies. The young masses that are naturally confused and under different bourgeois  influences should be rightly guided. Because of this, it is necessary to embrace the protests as much as it is possible end intervene. The first mission is making contact with young demonstrators in the highest amount and discussing the solution with them, and eventually explaining the socialism.

4. Creating a pressure on the trade unions is among the toplist needs of the time. The intervention of the power coming from production will provide the collapse of the JDP government, and also will bring the influence of the class movement on the process. Because of this, strengthening the grassroots movement against the syndical bureaucracy requires more urgency than anytime. It should not be forgotten that the labourer masses are also greatly influenced by this social radicalisation. This means there is not just a youth movement. Workers leaving the working places in the evening, pours down to the demonstration sites from suburbs and worker neighbourhoods. The effect of the general strike of CUPE (Confederation of the Unions Of Public Employees) has shown that the grassroots are ready for demonstration.

5. It is clear that the oppressive attitude of the JDP government is not backing off. Taking into custody the twitter users directly from their homes shows that it desires to make a major blow on the opposition growing on the social media, and keeps the oppression policies at hand. The movement can only achieve preventing the violence targeted to itself by carrying the struggle further.


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